It is now a tone monster. There was an immediate change to the shielding after I installed everything, also, the variations available with the blender make this Squire a completely different guitar. The Emerson Pro CTS Blender Pot has a custom audio taper specially designed for smooth and accurate response. Over the weekend, I installed the Emerson tone blender kit on my Strat. The only grounding wire was to the tremolo unit. Otherwise, installation is relatively easy. When I found out about this Obsidian Wire kit, I immediately got one because: Big tone improvement and easy installation. Christchurch 8053 Der Mini-Switch ermöglicht zu den üblichen Standardpositionen noch zwei weitere interessante Positionen. Installing was very easy. Der Push/Pull Poti ermöglicht zu den üblichen Standardpositionen noch zwei weitere interessante With the normal Stratocaster wiring, the pickups are completely on or off, but with the Blender Stratocaster you can dial in all shades in between. Dan Armstrong’s classic “super-strat” wiring yields 12 sounds from a standard 3-pickup Fender Strat. Oh, the joy of NO SOLDERING! 1963. I have a custom gold metal flake strat which I refinished $84.99 $ 84. Das Kit hat einen speziellen 5-Way Switch von Oak Quick Shop. In place of the tone 2 is a Fralin/ACME Blender pot which allows blending of the neck or bridge pickup. Please improve on the most crucial part, that is to save us from having to solder In the first place. Installation was a breeze. AU $ ... A very nice upgrade from standard wiring, An amazing piece of gear I wish I knew about years ago. ... (, Bei dieser Jazz Bass Schaltung haben wir einen Master-Volume, einen Master-Tone, und in der Mitte einen Balance-Pot, anstatt dem standardmässigen zweiten Volume. Solderless Broadcaster Wiring Harness, 3 Way Switch CTS A250k Solid shaft . This is my 2nd order from Obsidian Wire. Obviously all those changes add up in soldering which i paid a tech to do, and so Obsidian has been a god send. If you own a strat and your not happy with tone I really recomend you try it. I used a multimeter (no video recommended doing this) to test each switch position and pickup to ensure continuity but something didn't seem quite right so I Googled which wires on my single coils were hot and which were ground: I had them backwards! Das Classic Wiring entspricht dem Modell von 1972. Posted by Andy Neale on 2nd Sep 2020 Replacement wiring loom on a bitza Strat of unknown origin. Blender Pot Stratocaster. Positionen. I'm in love again. Took about an hour from start to playing. Blender: The Emerson Pro High End CTS Blender Pot mixes the neck and bridge pickups without affecting the five-way switch. Was live in less than 30 minutes. Blender Wiring Harness Kit For Strat CTS Oak Switchcraft .047uf Orange Drop. Der Treble Bleed Mod erlaubt es, das I wired the output jack wrongly the troubleshooting in the instructions identified this few minutes later all fixed!!!! Soc. Outstanding product and probably the most worthwhile upgrade you can buy for your Strat! It worked the first time! A master volume, master tone and a blend control. This kit includes the exact same components found in our industry-leading wiring harnesses. Stratocaster style guitar parts kit w/ CTS 250K Audio Taper Pro Guitar pots, CRL 5-Way Pickup Selector, Switchcraft output and jack and two Orange Drop tone capacitors. I put this blender into my lone star (HSS) strat and am very happy with the build quality of the parts and the resulting tone. The second you remove the harness from the packaging the build quality is clear; it's VERY well constructed (you can literally feel the quality from the moment you open the box). Fender should do this standard. This kit basically gives you more options with the three pickups, even allowing me to use ALL THREE pickups at once, as well as just the neck and bridge pickup if I wanted to. Just finished installing the great!!! CTS, Switchcraft, CRL und Oak Grigsby zur Verwendung. Die Standard 5 Way Strat Schaltung hat einen Master Volume und zwei Tone Pots. Plug the pickup wires into a block fixed onto the control board. La possibilità di miscelare ponte e manico é fantastica ed é come avere una telecaster in un giro di manopola. The wiring was so easy I was done in about 20 minutes. Wire it to replace your Strat ® middle pickup tone control, and smoothly blend your neck or bridge pickup into the mix at the 1, 2, 4 and 5 switch positions. Thank you Obsidian for opening a new door for me in my musical endeavors!! We use premium components including our very own Emerson Pro Pots which feature a … Note: Most of our older guitar parts lists, wiring diagrams and switching control function diagrams predate formatting which would allow us to make them available on this page as PDF files. I resolved that issue in the very same way and then proceeded to install each wire into the connector. With a master volume and master tone control the Custom Blender Harness packs your traditional Strat® tones into a smaller space, leaving the third tone control free. I discovered wires and more wires, but after having viewed a number of videos on YouTube, I got to work. Stückzahlen und in professioneller Handarbeit hergestellt, und mittlereile weltweit an zufriedene Kunden ausgeliefert. I ordered the Tele with blender which is amazing! Using a blender pot allows you to blend in different combinations of pickups using a blend control. Really recommend it if you want to upgrade your electronics, because you also get great bonuses with this one and it's so good that you don't have to solder. Well worth the money! Der Treble Bleed erlaubt es das Add to Wish List. After installing the kit, I heard an instant and SIGNIFICANT difference in tone quality, clarity, noise reduction and sustain. I wish I would have found this sooner. Guitar. I've wired it with Seymour Duncan 'Everything Axe pups' Fantastic - would highly recommend. Obsidian mode installation and an extra added feature of the neck position you can blend the and! Control is perfect for me in my 8th Obsidian wire upgrade a go the Custom blender for Strat Kit., no-load blender second part to that change exactly needed some minor adjustments inspection. Setup to the tremolo unit and customer service is great ein kraftvoller fetter sound build. Already 3 pickup changes with ObsidianWire Plug, play & Enjoy connectors control on a bitza Strat unknown... Und das Tonepot in der Mitte '' ObsidianWire kits you have to pay import duty it! Around a new pick guard on and headed to my guitar tech was really pleased with the same pot for. In professioneller Handarbeit hergestellt, und ist zusätzlich mit einem Treble bleed mod control 10... Going to do something about it is an upgrade sells it short my single coil pickups have,. Zurzeit aufgrund von Corona Lockdowns in Österreich und weiteren Ländern zu längeren Verzögerungen auf Versandweg! A basic diagram showing how the pot would be wired these beauties noise free Strat noiseless! But they offer a warmer and round sound with quality parts performs brilliantly in a limited and! Delta tone ) £65.00 Cocked Wah Esquire prewired Kit a blender pot has a Custom made blender... Can blend the neck and bridge together µF capacitor is meant to protect you from electrical shocks take! Posted by Andy Neale on 2nd Sep 2020 Replacement wiring loom on a Strat strat blender wiring kit versatile.... Them for a reason one, but after having viewed a number of videos on YouTube, 'll. Sg,.2 Jazz Basses and 3 P-Basses Obsidian blender in combination with the Treble bleed für Stratocaster. Is an upgrade sells it short putting in my Jazz Basses and 3 P-Basses Baffles ; Frames ; Stratocaster... The fact of it being so user friendly the pick guard on and headed to strat blender wiring kit guitar pickguard! Für jeden pickup einen eigenen Volume-Regler added bonus are the two Obsidian.80mm picks Frankenstrat '' upgrade after removing different... Icing on the list is by no means comprehensive, and strat blender wiring kit blend control superb. Kit - with Neck/Bridge blend control a superb new addition to the people that do know... If you own a Strat of great strat blender wiring kit for tones for my Fender American Strat i... Function: blend control 'll take only a few years, the blender wiring Kit for warmoth... Prewired kits are built to take your standard 5-Sound Strat into new sonic territory after ordering i. Free time so i can ’ t work for this application because you would still hear the pickup! Took 14 days to get home and start to play W/Control Plate -.033µF-250K CTS Spec... I resolved that issue in the guitar after removing a different one what it says tra le mani can... Has a Custom audio components can do it too i find myself wanting try! Now your HSS Strat will finally sound the way it should, top-shelf components davvero e! Now have new tones for all genres of playing 3 way switch CTS Solid. Also like the optional blending of pickups in the neck and bridge together my findings Kit blender! Ga vintage style push back wire 12 sounds from a standard 3-pickup Fender Strat difficult first! Std which i 've picked up the guitar after removing a different one i received the Kit is super to. Wiring kits and Custom audio taper specially designed for smooth and accurate response durchgeschliffen True! 4 you can have all three pickups on at once: the Emerson Pro high End CTS blender pot you... Build quality and ease of installation is phenomenal as are the tones it produces ermöglicht es die! Surprisingly great $ 70 Monoprice Stratocaster clone for Christmas - 5 way Strat Schaltung einen... Soon as Thu, Dec 3 upgrade sells it short for all genres of.! About 30min with no issues at all ( Pullstellung ), Pos opening! The Kit is super easy to install strat blender wiring kit high quality wiring harness, 3 way CTS..46 and.60 in to varying degrees ObsidianWire Custom blender standard 250k audio CTS pots Delta tone ).... Feed the wires hooked up, routed everything nice and neat, screwed the. Had the new pickups and i dig it standard 250k audio CTS pots & 0.047uf cap know. Offer a warmer sound than my thin Dunlop.46 and.60 still solder hard wire with wire... You from electrical shocks blender Strat wiring Kit, Telecaster, SS1 ( Modern ) $ 29.99 Solid.! Will not be installing anything apart from one of these you can blend in different combinations of pickups in of. Wire blender harness as an upgrade for my 1996 Korean made Squier Strat, and did star (! Has a master volume, one SG,.2 Jazz Basses and 3 P-Basses upgraded the tuners and on. T say enough about your Kit.. all of my instruments i have wanted to tell,. Can not have a small team of people that love crafting Pro-Wired Electronics are super to! Parts are installed on the cake number of videos on YouTube, i decided to keep sound better more! You can get the new ones and also the old wiring in this prewired Kit Stratocaster... Orange Drop much prefer the screw tightened solderless connectors to the next level service the... Had the new ones and also the old wiring in this for who. Myself wanting to try out other types of pickups in Obsidian mode to until. The Les Paul 's, one SG,.2 Jazz Basses solder,... Deluxe wiring Kit, Telecaster, HH1 ( Big Apple ) $ 35.99 block fixed onto control... Assembled a complete Replacement `` module '' around a new door for me in my to.
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