The Ho Tram beach in Ba Ria – Vung Tau has once again been chosen as the location of the event. Easily accessible by car or bus, Ho Tram’s pristine, untouched beachfront sits just two hours from Ho Chi Minh City. The area is also home to an 11,000-hectare rainforest that was designated as a nature reserve in 1975. In this 16th edition, competitors will swim, run and bike on, along, and through the coastline of the area. Athletes will have the opportunity to explore new routes and to truly enjoy triathlon in such splendid surroundings. At the end of the day, a dinner party will be held to celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Definitely, a great weekend getaway location for participants and their friends and families!


*Reference of 2017 maps. 2019 course maps will be updated soon.

The swim will take place in the warm waters of Ho Tram, a perfect introduction to open water swimming for first timers. This year, we have chose a new route for bike course, participants for Sprinter and Duathlon will have the chance to join in one of the most interesting off-road racing as the rain forest is opened for the bike to go through. Last but not least, the run will take place in the beach alongside spectators and supporters who will be able to cheer along the path.

The swim for Rookie is a simple U-turn route in the warm water of Ho Tram beach.  This is perfect for beginners. The bike and the run course will have you racing along the coastline. It will definitely be an enjoyable race with its winding clean roads and along the beach.

The swim course for Aero-Kids is also organized in the beach area of the Grand Ho Tram. The kids will go out only 25 meters and come back. It has been tested approved by the safety team. For this distance, in case the parents believe that is safer, a live vest is allowed for the kids. The bike and the run will take place on the beach, it’s hoped to bring an exciting vibe for kids to ride & run along the coastal line.